With 1.4 billion inhabitants, China has the highest population in the world with its capital Beijing being the highest national capital city in the world. This far east nation was once a dynasty-controlled region for a millennium until 1912 when the Republic of China came into power, overthrowing the last dynasty. The Qing Dynasty. In 1949, a Civil War broke out causing Mao Zedong to take territory creating the People’s Republic of China (CCP). Even though China is rated the 2nd wealthiest nation in the world because of its economic reforms, the government has been under fire from other nations for its human rights violations.

The Church

Since the Cultural Revolution, Christians in China have been under heavy persecution. According to Radio Free Asia, the CCP has viewed Christianity as a “dangerous foreign import” and for this reason, re-education camps are implemented to keep its citizens loyal to the state. It is reported that Christians are being arrested, detained, and beaten for months. Despite the persecution, believers around China, especially in the rural areas are fighting back in the spirit by still coming together and staying strong in faith.

As of today, there are 75 million Christians in China, and many believers attend underground churches. These churches are not supported by the five state religions through the State Administration for Religious Affairs. In late April 2021, China had blocked all Christian WeChat accounts and Bible Apps permanently in  effort to crack down on these churches.

Prayer Points 

  • Please pray for the persecuted church and for the pastors who are leading them.
  • Pray for Chinese and foreign missionaries on ground for peace, sharing the truth, perseverance, strength, and unwavering faith.
  • Pray for the government to know Jesus and be born-again, and that Christians will show the love of God to them while being persecuted.

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