Unlike other neighboring countries, Bolivia today has the most indigenous population in South America. Even though Bolivia is rich in mineral and energy resources, it is one of the least developed and poorest countries in South America. It is estimated that one third to almost one half of its people live in poverty.

The Aborigines, the original inhabitants of Australia, have experienced violence and discrimination since the British colonization, and racism and distrust still exist between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. Both the sixth largest country and the smallest continent in the world, Australia is the only continent without glaciers. It is also the world's driest continent, frequently suffering from deadly bush fires.

The Church

Politically dominant for centuries, the Bolivian Catholic Church’s position as the national church is being threatened by the sizable increase in Protestant and other non-Catholic denominations and the current government’s encouragement of indigenous religions. The number of Evangelical Christians has risen to over fifteen percent and their influence is growing. Some form of the Bible is available in most Bolivian languages, but illiteracy prevents many from reading it.  

Prayer Points 

  • - Bolivia has the most indigenous population in South America. Let’s pray For Bible translations and discipleship material in the indigenous languages of Bolivia
  • - Let’s pray for the  church to rise as a light to the nation in the midst of political and economical unrest
  • - Let’s pray for the peace of Bolivia

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