Argentina is located in the extreme southeast of the American continent. With a population of 44,560,000 people. With an area of ​​2,780,400 km², this makes it the largest Spanish-speaking country on the planet. The majority religion is Christianity, 85.15% of its population profess it, although it is believed that only 12% attend a church regularly.

The Church

The evangelical world is plural, 90% of the evangelical universe is Pentecostal or Pentecostalized, and the rest are divided into historical or conservative Churches. Ongoing evangelism efforts are made by the nation's Church.

Prayer Points 

  • - Pray for the local church to reach out spiritually and financially to the 500,000 people who live in low-income neighborhoods.
  • - Pray for ministries working in rehabilitation centers and prisons
  • - Pray for the support of the national church for the Argentinian missionaries who are sent to Muslim areas



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